Lady in Shining Armour

Costume inspired by metal craft work from Rajasthan. It is made of Metal sheets, spray colors and M-seal.

​Reaching into our history and using it as an inspiration, I spent countless hours on this one costume and created my own unconventional wearable art.

Photography: Shweta Sukhani

The metal sheet is cut and beaten to create the form of human body. After that elaborate floral and calligraphic designs are imprinted on the metal sheet.

 Ethnic designs and patterns like hunting scenes, stories from history are hammered on the surface. For ornamentation, various techniques of engraving, embossing and
jali cutting are being used.

It was one of the most time-consuming costumes I have worked on. To continuously beat the metal and engrave the design on it was painstaking as well as challenging. The biggest challenge was to obtain the human body shape. Once the design was complete the sharp edges of the metal were covered with glass rubber and spray painted.

The process allowed me to experiment with the metal of different qualities, something I have never tried working with before.






Costume displayed at Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur