Nameless - Drip Art

All is want to do is paint...

I am not gonna lie but there have been times when I have to drag myself to paint but once I get my brushes in my hand, it's just me and the colors and everything about the process reminds me why I love painting and I would feel disappointed for not doing it for such a long time.

And once I start I lose all track of time, most times my family has to remind me to eat and sleep, but I love how it helps me detox and give me new energy. I love to surrender myself to the process and just go with the flow.

Here is what I have recently started- If you have read my earlier post you might have seen my love for monochromes and abstract art, and that's what I have continued in my today's post trying my hand with drip art technique.

Let me know in comments how you feel about this one?

Love. Swati ❤️

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