Oh! Not so close... Wild Wildlife Experience at Ranthambore

The fierce. The Majestic. Proud and fearless. Eyes so cold, penetrating like ice.

We started our safari at six in the morning and soon spotted a tiger eating his kill. There is nothing that can beat this experience. The moment when you are close to such a predator you feel terrified of its power, but at the same time, you surrender to its beauty. You keep staring, trying to study what makes this a magnificent beast.

No matter what you achieve as a human, you can only be humbled by nature!

Just when I thought I have seen best of the safari. We Met Sultan ‘the Tiger’ just 5 feet away, resting, bathing. We were so close with such a magnificent cat that we actually saw his scars. It was a thrilling experience.

Every time he turns towards me, my heart skipped a beat and almost jumped out of my chest...

After a few minutes, he got up and walked right towards us, blocking our only way as if wanted to give us a better view. Can’t explain in words how overwhelming it felt to be in such close proximity. It was simply an amazing sight to watch.

I was fortunate to visit Ranthambore three times and each visit has been a different adventure! But this was my first time spotting tiger.

It is a bird lovers paradise. Here are some of my sightings.

Rufus Tree Pie

The Golden Oriole came to visit us twice

Jungle Babblers

The red vented Bulbul

Photo Credits: Shweta Sukhani and Swati Gupta

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