Palazzo Fortuny, Venice - A Journey Through Time

A Journey Through Time

It was when I got separated from my Venice tour, so I walked around the streets thinking If I should do a gondola ride, since it was a bit expensive for a single person. And I stumbled upon this place – Palazzo Fortuny.

Palazzo Fortuny - Once owned by the Pesaro family, this Gothic building in Campo San Beneto, near the church of the same name, was transformed by Mariano Fortuny into his own photography, stage-design, textile-design and painting atelier. (Source : Wikipedia)

Paradise for art lovers

The building from the outside looked Gothic - style, not sure what was to expect, I went inside with not much hope. As soon as I entered, it felt like a completely different world, it was an artist’s paradise with a rich and varied art collection from statues, to textiles, architecture, paintings, and much more.

The place is a perfect intersection of art, design, and architecture.. But what excited me most was the paintings and the Delphos gowns. I have admired them since the time I read about the finely pleated Delphos gown from the ancient Greek sculptures and I can see it close, it was beyond anything for me!


Delphos pleated dress – Mariano Fortuny

Printed silk tunic over a Delphos dress by Mariano Fortuny - Palazzo Fortuny

The dress was inspired by the Hellenistic classical sculpture of the Charioteer of Delphi, discovered in 1896.

You enter a dark room, and from the first glance, the paintings capture your eyes and thoughts. It is a mysterious place, and so much to see, the walls are adorned with rich tapestry, and paintings, the space with a collection of paintings and sculpture, furnishing lamps, theater models, the famous Delphos and theater costumes. Every single artwork is a masterpiece in itself which cannot be missed. You can't help but marvel at these incredible work of arts.

The Bottega Cadorin - A Dynasty of Venetian Artists, Sculptor - Vincenzo Cadorin

I would recommend anyone going to Venice to include this if you are even remotely interested in the arts.


Portrait of Henriette Fortuny in Pompeian costume with a Delphos dress


Wood carved sculpture Fortuny Palazzo




All Photos and Contents by Swati Gupta

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