The Joy of Creating Textures - Mixed Media

The Joy of Creating Textures

I sometimes wonder, why most of my artworks and designs have textures to it, why do I love working with them.

I really like the look, and feel of this 3-dimensional work. It’s so sculptural and rich looking.😍

While creating background textures, most time I end up using several tubes of expensive paint to make a single artwork. And there have been times when the end result is simply not worth all that work and materials. So now I have started using different materials to experiment and give a sculptural look before applying the paints... I also love how each texture is unique from the other. I recently finished one textural work using tissue papers, I had no intentions of doing any painting with it, but rather just to create the surface.

The process was very simple - I used tissue papers and glue to keep making layers and layers on my paper in circular motion.I wanted to make it look like a swirl.

I allowed the medium to dry for 2 days before applying the colors on top.

Here is a close-up of the texture

I love how it has created a depth in the painting. Even though pictures couldn't show much but in actuality, it is a 3 Dimensional work.

And finally some Photoshop editing

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and let me know how you feel about this artwork...

Love. Swati ❤️

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