Where the Wild Things Grow - Line Art

I recently finished my work "Where the Wild things grow" and extremely happy with the results, it's intense, exciting and I enjoyed the whole process of creating it.

"Where the wild things grow"

I have always enjoyed creating my line artworks, its something that goes with my love for more conceptual kind of creative work.

My way to line art started some 8 years back when I was just doodling out of boredom, and created something interesting. Just like how abstract artworks- not showing something obvious giving the audience a chance to interpret, it too gives an idea of illusion which is intriguing. None the less I feel happy when someone can discover what I want to say through my work. Line art according to me makes the design more intricate and exciting. though it takes a lot of time, engagement and patience. The longer a painting takes times, the more I fell in love with it, it almost feels like a relationship, more and more I work on it, the more it becomes a part of me.

I spent some good time with this one and obviously, it is close to me now, it's intense, and there is a lot of tension when one looks at the work. I love how the negative space has created a certain kind of mystery - like something is missing. It is kind of poetic and hands down my favorite.

Here is the process:

Everyone has a wild side and this is about the same- of letting that wild side of yours to let grow. Rest I will leave for the viewers to imagine...

Love. Swati ❤️

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