Editing by: Emanuele Conte



Collection developed for Piermau, a brand from Milan which is a collaboration of art and fashion, an ideal wardrobe for men, women and unisex.

My inspiration comes from Origami which is a combination of two words “ori” meaning “folding” and “kami” meaning “paper”. Its an art of paper folding connected with Japanese culture.
Many designers have been influenced by this art form and have created stunning collections inspired by it. One such and my favorite designer who is a master of this art and continuously pushing boundaries is Yung Wong from China.


Check out his work at:





I wanted to create a sense of drama, playing with folds, reflecting light at different angles. The collection designed is light in fabric with a clean look adding a hint of vibrancy with fluorescent colors, and architectural in terms of silhouette.

Explorations done for the collection

The idea was to create a clean geometric structured pattern in light fabrics like Knits, rib, and cotton.

Different fabric works differently with this technique. To get the desired silhouette it was important to experiment with different kinds of fabrics, linings, and fusings.



Model: Karina Modél

Photography: Bianca Morello